Patient Testimonial

I am grateful for the extraordinary care I received from you and your team at Max hospital this mail is long overdue and it was hard for me to prepare as there are not enough words to express my appreciation for you and your team for helping my husband and I become parents. It has been a long road for us. We have been married for almost 8 years. For background, my husband and I were unsuccessful in conceiving naturally due to our long-distance relationship. Adjusting to the fact that I would need to undergo fertility treatments to increase our chances of success was difficult and at times emotionally, physically, and financially draining. We started the process with multiple appointments with many gynecologists, numerous fertility treatments, and three unsuccessful IUI cycles. My husband researched other options and found out about your facility. We scheduled a consultation and immediately knew we were in the right place.

I  greatly appreciated the personal care and attention I received during my two IVF cycles. The hospital has a boutique feel and was warm and inviting. I could always reach you after hours by phone or text whenever I had a concern. I found you a very intelligent, decisive, and charming person and trusted your judgment throughout the entire process.

Your up-to-date knowledge and exacting attitude supported your attention to minor conditions that might otherwise be overlooked at another facility. For example, you placed me on a prescription for blood thinners due to a potential condition that could cause miscarriage but was otherwise harmless.  I feel many facilities would have overlooked this particular situation. In addition, you recommended other treatments and courses of care that I did not expect, but were strongly supported by recent medical literature. My husband and I felt you and your team did everything that was scientifically possible to increase our odds of success.  This was incredibly appreciated during such a challenging time for both of us.

Finding a Doctor’s office that offers the level of patient care and attention to detail that we found at your OPD is a rarity these days and they have certainly raised the bar for other offices. While many people dread Dr. appointments, I actually looked forward to mine going through something as stressful as fertility treatments, I felt comforted surrounded by a wonderful team that knew our situation and wanted the best for us. And even after achieving success and becoming pregnant, I must admit I felt sad leaving, knowing I would no longer see you and your team on a regular basis. Needless to say, we can’t wait to visit again and introduce you to our baby boy.