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Infertility is not just a condition that bereft a couple from being parents, but it also has its psychological aspect. Inability to bear children, or the mere thought of never being able to be a father or mother of a child is one of the saddest thoughts of human life. However, most of the time, if not always, the notions related to infertility are rather more powerful and intimidating than the actual or underlying causes. And therefore, it is highly advisable that couples seek dedicated infertility counseling before they jump into despair or agony.


The doctor aims to know about the actual problem and runs diagnostic tests before advising on the further course of action. Some of the aspects that are covered under counseling include the following:-


    • ⤐ Diagnosis of Male and Female factors: There is no study to suggest that women are more prone to infertility problems than men. And therefore, it is required that the doctor diagnose both men and women for male and female factors. Such an approach helps the couple to get over from the feeling of guilt.


    • ⤐ Ovarian Reserve Assessment: A girl child is born with maximum possible number of eggs that she can ovulate throughout her fertile period. During the monthly reproductive cycle, a single egg ovulates from the reserve. The ovarian reserve assessment is carried out to assess and estimate the pool of available eggs, basis which fertility of a woman could be determined. Among various ways to assess the reserve, the following two methods are considered by experts.


    • ⤐ Ultrasound: A count of antral follicles through transvaginal ultrasound is a much established way to accurately determine the ovarian reserve.


    • ⤐ AMH Test: Granulosa cells that surround the egg produces a protein hormone called Antimullerian. And it is quite convenient for expert doctors to carry out an AMH blood test that measures the level of Antimullerian in the blood of the subject. A high level of AMH indicates a better reserve.





Apart from running tests and diagnose the problem of infertility, one of the main role of a doctor to ease out the agony of childlessness and help couples get over from the felling of depression. It also fosters positivity among the couples and gives them a new lease of life, strong will to see through the treatment process and enjoy parenthood.