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Donor egg IVF is a form of fertility treatment where a young, healthy woman’s eggs are used to produce embryos that are transferred to a recipient woman’s uterus to establish a pregnancy. The recipient carries the pregnancy to term and gives birth to the baby.

Egg donation program involves assistance of a willing and healthy woman who offers her eggs to be used in assisted reproduction. The egg donation program is intensively planned after screening and selection of a willing donor. This plan primarily includes screening of physical, emotional and overall health and wellness attributes of the donor. A dedicated genetic screening is also conducted to weed out possibility of any congenital disease carried to the baby due to pre-existing genetic condition of the donor.

Apart from the aforementioned screenings, the egg donation program also deals with perfectly aligning the monthly reproductive cycle of the donor with the ART ensuring best results. Such alignment requires perfect synchronization and use of stimulating hormones and drugs over the donor, if required. The retrieval of eggs and using them for assisted reproduction is also a core aspect of the egg donation program.

  • Congenital absence of eggs
    • Turner syndrome.
    • Gonadal dysgenesis.
  • Acquired reduced egg quantity/quality
    • Oophorectomy.
    • Premature menopause.
    • Chemotherapy.
    • Radiation therapy.
    • Autoimmunity.
    • Advanced maternal age.
    • Compromised ovarian reserve.
  • Other
    • Diseases of X-Sex linkage.
    • Repetitive fertilization or pregnancy failure.
    • Ovaries inaccessible for egg retrieval.
  • Consultation
    After initial consultation & evaluation with Dr Banga, when the decision of egg donation is undertaken, then next step is to meet the Third Party Agency.
  • Meeting with Third Party Agency Here the required paper work is carried out, which is in accordance to the ICMR guidelines.The receipient couple is explained the terms and conditions of program and asked if they have any specific requirement about the donar. The couple is requested to share the photograph of the receipient, so that the donar as close as possible to receipient is matched.
  • Recruitment of the donar by the Agency
    As per the information shared in the initial visit, the agency would take on an average 2-3 weeks to recruit a suitable cohort of donars.
  • Selection of the donarThe recruited donars are sent for, medical screening, which is personally by Dr Bhavna Banga.This includes detail history taking which includes, family, personal, obstetric, medical history, educational status, the evaluation of the blood investigations and also the profile and specific donar requirements as suggested by the receipient is addressed.At this, stage the egg making ability is assessed in form of AMH (blood test)and, Day 2/3/4 transvaginal ultrasound.

    Dr Banga personally spents time for the donar selection.

  • Synchronization of the donar-receipient cycle.
    Once an appropriate donar is selected then the cycle synchronization is by birth control pill between the donar & Receipient.
  • Stimulation of donar by injectable hormones and simultaneous oral medications of the receipient .
    It usually takes 10-12 days for the donar to develop follicles and the receipients uterine linning to be approx 8-9 mm.
  • Egg collection of the donar and progesterone start of receipient and fertilization of the eggs with husband sperm.
  • Embryo transfer in to receipient
    usually a single day 5 transfer (blastocyst) preferred.
  • Beta Hcg testing after 11-12 days, to know the success of the cycle
  • The screening of the donors is carried out as per the ICMR guidelines, in association with a registered third party donor agency.

The eggs used for assisted reproduction is from a meticulously screened, selected and willing donor then the success rate is as high as 60-70%. And this rate is not only limited to successful conceiving; rather to the tune of live birth of babies.

  • Indian.
  • African.
  • Caucasian.
  • What is the age criteria for donar selection ?
    Preferably 21-29 yrs .
  • What are the screening criteria ?
    We strictly adhere to the ICMR guidelines .A detailed medical , family history is undertaken along with blood test to assess the physical fitness and for screening of infectious diseases like HIV, HbsAg, HCV,VDRL.
  • Do you follow a shared donor program ?
    Usually no. We use one donor for one patient only.
  • Can we get our own donor ?
    No, we strictly adhere to the anonymous donor egg programme.
  • Can we get a Donor according to our preferences ?
    Usually we try to select the donor profile as close as to receipient. Certain preferences as religion , educational status etc can be catered to.
  • Are the donars married ?
    We select donars who are married and have atleast one normal living child.
  • How many eggs are usually targeted from a donor egg program ?
    Usually 10-15 eggs .
  • How long does it take for a donar selection ?
    Usually 2-3 weeks, however we do have a premium Donar egg program running too, where in we have prescreened donors.
  • Do you have a Causian & African donar program ?
    Yes, we do have affiliation with Donar agencies who do provide such a facility.
  • How long does one need to stay in India ( overseas pts ) ?
    We can limit the stay to as short as 7-10 days, by being in touch via emails.

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