Dr Bhavna Banga

Oocyte /Egg Freezing

As we are all aware, that a woman is born with a fixed no of eggs /ova in her ovaries, which get depleted with time.
Hence to halt the biological clock, technology of egg freezing is utilized.


  • Women want to defer pregnancy, in view of career opportunities.
  • Late marriages.
  • Prior to cancer treatments.

How is the procedure carried out ?

Here the woman receives 10-12 days of hormonal injections, to grow multiple follicles. This is tracked with intermittent ultrasounds and hormonal blood tests.

When does the treatment begin ?

Usually within first 3 days of the cycle. However in case of cancer pts, there are different softer protocols.

What is the technique used ?

Vitrification, Rapid freezing.

What is the success rate ?

Depending on the existing egg making ability, around 30-45%.