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Semen analysis

Should be done after an abstinence of 3-5 days, in a sterile non-toxic, wide mouth container, in a hospital setting.

The sample should be evaluated within 30-45 min of ejaculation.

In cases of Retrograde ejaculation, special premedications are required, prior to evaluation.

Transvaginal ultrasound

  • Day 2/3/4 –The transvaginal ultrasound within the first 2-4 days of the ongoing cycle is for the assessment of Antral Follicular count for the ovarian reserve assessment. This ultrasound would help us to assess the biological age of the woman.
  • Periovulatory ultrasound: Done between day 11-14 of the menstrual cycle to assess the endometrial cavity and thickness.

Tubal patency testing can do assessed by HSG or Laparoscopy Ovarian reserve assessment

Antimullerian Hormone assessment
it a simple blood test, and it is cycle independent. It tells us about the biological age of the woman, and the egg making ability status.

Antral Follicular Assessment (AFC)

It’s an ultrasound assessment of the ovarian reserve, done usually on day 2/3/4 of the menstrual cycle.