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Dr. Bhavna Banga

M.S.(Obstetric & Gynae)
Clinical Fellow Reproductive Medicine.
Consultant Reproductive Medicine & IVF
The initial patient assessment in terms of history taking, advice on necessary investigations, formulation of tailor made individualized protocol to optimize the results are all done by Dr. Bhavna Banga.

Dr. Gautam Banga

MS (General Surgery)
Mch, (Urology)
Senior consultant
Dedicated Male Infertility expert, and Reconstructive Urologist.
He has obtained specialized training in Micro Testicular Biopsy and Microsurgical Male Fertility enhancing surgeries. He has a special interest in the treatment of all kinds of sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Anita Sharma

MD (Obstetric & Gynae)
Senior Consultant
Senior obstetrician who handles antenatal & high risk pregnancy cases as well as any obstetric emergency.

Dr. Shalini

Senior consultant
Senior Obstetrician, who handles Antenatal & high risk obstetrics as well as emergencies.

Dr. Amit Gupta

MD (paediatrics)
Clinical fellow in Neonatology (Canada)
Senior Consultant
Dr. Gupta, is a practising Neonatologist, who takes care of all the babies, who deliver prematurely and need special care and treatment.

Dr. Indira vij

MD (Paediatrics)
Senior consultant
Senior paediatrician

Dr. Biswa Dash

MD (Obstetric & Gynae)
Dedicated Gynae Laproscopic surgeon, who takes care of all the Fertility Enhancing as well as Diagnostic Surgeries. All the surgical work is carried out under the direct supervision Dr. Bhavna.

Dr. Darpreet Singh Bhamrah

MS ( General Surgery)
Senior Consultant
He is a senior laparoscopic General surgeon, who takes care of all the surgical intervention other than Fertility Enhancing Surgeries

Dr. Manish Rai

MD (Anaethesia )
Senior Consultant
Gives anaethesia during any surgical procedure.

Dr. Parul Katiyar

MD(Obstetrics & Gynae)
Consultant Reproductive Medicine & IVF
Independent Consultant, and is a part of Dr. Banga team, who takes care of the patients when Dr. Banga is away for a short visit or in an emergency.

Dr. Kavita Thukral

MD (Radiologist)
Senior consultant
She takes care of all the ultrasounds of the patient.

Dr. Monica Mahajan

MD (Medicine)
Senior physician, who takes care of any patient who require Medical treatment.

Dr. Rohit Garg

MD (Psychiatry)
Senior Psychiatry, who takes care of the psychological counseling of surrogates and donors.

Mr. Avinash Kumar / Mr. Athar Anjum

They both are Incharge of the Donar and Surrogate Program .
They own a Third Party Agency under ANA medical services Pvt Ltd.
This is an independent agency registered with ICMR. All the rules and regulations for Donar and Surrogate program, at present in India are followed as per the guidelines of ICMR (Indian councel for Medical Research)

Mr. Raghuvirji / Mr. Ashish

Takes care of the travel and Hotel accommodation.

The Legal Team

Legal team comprises of lawyers and advocates from High Court of India.