Dr Bhavna Banga

What is HSG?

THE hysterosalpingography, commonly known as the tube test or HSG, IS A STANDARD x-RAY STUDY of the uterus and the fallopian tubes. It is designed to visualize the inside of the uterus ( womb ) and the patency and functionality of the fallopian tubes.

Where and by whom is it carried out?”

Hospital radiology department, It is carried out by the radiologist or the gynaecologist.
Dr Bhavna Banga, carries out all the HSG, procedures of her patients by her own.

When can it be done?”

Can be done betw day 7th-8th of the menstrual cycle, day one being the onset (start) of menses however in cases of protected intercourse or azoospermia, can be done on any day of the menstrual cycle. The basic principle to perform in the early part of the cycle is to prevent the dislodgment of an inadvertent pregnancy.

How long does it take for the procedure?”

Approx 30 minutes.

Can it be done under anesthesia?”

It can be done under IV SEDATION.

Are there any medication required prior to procedure?”

Usually oral antibiotic, like doxycline (100) one tab twice a day, is started 24 hrs prior and then continued for next 4 days post procedure. Post procedure painkillers for 2 days are also prescribed.

“How is the procedure carried out?
Is it painful?”

Its is mildly discomforting, but well tolerated by most of the patients. To reduce the pain, painkillers may be given prior to start of the procedure.


  • Less invasive.
  • Less costly.
  • OPD procedure, can go home within 2 hours.


Its just diagnostic, if any therapeutic intervention is to be done, patient needs to undergo, endoscopic procedure.