Patient Testimonial

Dr. Bhavna! What do I say about her? I guess we just got lucky we went to her! She is a magician who can wave her wand and make all your anxieties and fear go away! Somehow, she managed to keep me positive during this entire journey of infertility, blood tests, injections, and hormone medicines! Every time she assured me that Swati will have a baby! I am positive! You will get pregnant! It used to fill me with such hope! Whenever I went to her with any problem, concern, any anxiety, she was always there! More than a doctor, as a friend! She always lent a patient ear to all my stupid queries! Always available to resolve my doubts! She was my guardian angel in these difficult times! After 2 failed IUIs, and 2 failed IVFs when I conceived only to have lost the baby at the completion of 6 months! I went back to zero! I was an emotional mess at that time but again, she was there to hold my hand and take me forward! Again my IVF cycle was successful and finally, I got my rainbow twin baby boys! We didn’t have any references for her. But I feel the universe made me go to her because I needed her! Sorry for all the corny emotions! Thank you, Dr. Bhavna! You are awesome! Please continue bringing joy to thousands of other women like me who wish to become mothers but are helpless. May you achieve new pinnacles of success every day. Thank you so much! Please do keep in touch! And ya, My mum says Thank you for making her a Nani! ❤️