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In an IVF /ICSI Cycle, when surplus numbers of embryos of good quality are available, then after, due consent of the couple, they can be frozen and later used in the anonymous embryo donation program.
One can also use, an anonymous egg donar & anonymous sperm donar, to create an embryo, which can be used for subsequent embryo transfer.

Poor ovarian reserve with severe male fertility.

The recipient womb, is prepared with the estrogen only protocol, where in tab progynova ( 2mg ), is taken as one tab three times a day, daily, which starts from second day of menstrual cycle. After 10-12 days of taking oral medications, when the endometrial thickness is around 8 mm on an transvaginal ultrasound, the progesterone supplementation is started and the embryos are transferred, under ultrasound guidance.

Approx 45-50%.
  • Is it legal in india ?
  • Does the program need to be anonymous ?
    As per the ICMR, guidelines, needs to be anonymous.
  • What is the difference between adoption and embryo donation ?

    The receipient would have the embryo transfer in to her own uterus and would nature the child for the next 9 months, in case of successful implantation and subsequently deliver the child, this would help her to have a emotional bonding and the social taboo of adoption would be averted. Since the confidentiality is addressed to its fullest, the society would address this child as the biological child of the couple.

    The birth certicate would also have the receipient and her husband as the legal parents.