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Dr. Bhavna banga, is a internationally trained Fertility & IVF expert, who has branched out in to this field not out of boredom, but for the passion for the subject. This decision itself separates her from others, who have shifted to this field after years of conventional obstetrics practice. Her dedication to the subject made her take a decision to subspecialize in to Reproductive medicine & IVF, in to much early part of her career.

She has been a key part in over 1000 successful IVF cycles and has been a dedicated fertility expert over 8 yrs. Her goal is to impart individualized, result oriented, transparent treatment protocols, which are evidence based. To keep her self updated,  she has visited one of the best Fertility units across the globe, in order to increase the reproductive outcome. Yale Fertility center, Yale University, (U.S.A.), Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University, Montreal (Canada), Homerton University Hospitals, NHS, London (UK) and Monasch IVF Center, Monasch University (Australia), are some to name.

Her team comprises of the most experienced clinicians and surgeons in their field, so that the patient can benefit the most. Giving importance to lesser invasive and lesser costly treatment options (when req), and not just pushing patients for unnecessary procedures and treatment is her USP.

All the procedures from beginning till end are carried out/ under supervision of Dr. Bhavna Banga, herself and the patient once pregnant is handed over to obstetrician after 8 weeks.

Her motto is “let the Best hands handle the things they are best in”

To deal with male infertility management , she has a dedicated urologist, who has keen interest into andrology and hence all male related issues, specially cases which req electoejaculation, microtesticular sperm extraction can be catered too, with good success rate. Dr. Banga has a excellent cross communication with her fellow doctors, to give the best treatment outcome. Right advice, transparency in treatment and dedication to her subject justifies your treatment with her.

The donor and the surrogacy program are carried out according to the ICMR guidelines with upmost transparency and ethical work.

The state of Art Embryology lab, inhouse dedicated round the clock embryologist, excellent freezing program and a well experienced team of Clinicians, Paramedical staff, counsellers, social workers and well reputed legal team makes us worthy to be chosen.

To sum it up in a nutshell, there are many reasons to choose our services.

  • Unique approach to infertility treatment which addresses the management of patients with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR).
  • All the patients are primarily taken care by Dr Bhavna Banga herself.
  • Individualized treatment protocols for all patients to optimize their reproductive outcome.
  • There is individualization of the fertilization procedure, IVF/ ICSI, depending on the sperm and oocyte cumulus complex grading parameters on the day of egg collection,
  • There is no batching of the patients for the IVF cycle, as a result adequate attention can be given to each patient thus optimizing decision making.
  • Adequate distribution of revenue to periodic embryology quality checks and quality controls, thus able to maintain the consistency of results.
  • State of Art facilities in terms of medical services and patient care.
  • Fast communication to the patients.
  • We listen to our patients, thoroughly study their clinical history, past treatment records, so as to optimize the present cycle.
  • Extensive choice of Indian donor via association with an reputable registered third party reproductive agency, who provide tailor made requirements of the patients.
  • Caucasian donor program – we have a liaison with numerous reputable donor agencies who have donors from all races, to meet the requirement of the couple.
  • Acceptance of Frozen Embryos and sperm shipments with leasing with the most experience shipment company
  • Transparent, economical pricing,
  • Assistance in Delhi for Overseas patient.
  • The state of art Embryology lab with all the latest technology updated.