Patient Testimonial

Dear Dr Bhavna,

I remember the day we met it was just like yesterday and we were all disappointed due to visiting different clinics and multiple tests and self trying of conceiving the baby for almost 2-3 years and still no luck.
What I believe after meeting you is destiny, luck, and proper guidance lead to success, just like you every time said “Kanika Tu Tension mat le, it is a destined that you will have babies yeh tu likh ke lele” no other doctor would have guided us as you did.
We remember each and every example you gave for people traveling by train and by flight it all clicked in such a manner that we didn’t feel like we are sitting with a doctor and having our troubles anymore it was more like a family bonding.
Not to forget the kind of time and patience that you have shown by changing so many procedures due to our complicated case and such a roller coaster case I should say, and still whatever the best could come of the situation was done by you at the right point in time which clearly shows the excellence of your experience.
The list goes on so much for you Dr. that email might turn into an article, you have taken so good updates and follow-ups on Whatsapp with us that such a senior doctor dealing with their clients on a personal level which I have never seen, either it’s their staff or juniors would take an update but for you, it’s always that you had taken all the updates on our own.
We would clearly be thankful for a lifetime to you as this whole process has led us to twin babies a boy named Hridyansh and a girl named Ehanika.
Many thanks to you it’s more than a job to be delivered rather it’s a service to humanity.
PS Dabeli and Vada Pav’s treat still pending 😊
Best regards
R. Gupta