Patient Testimonial

Dear Dr. Bhavna

Thank you so much once again for all the support in the last 1 year, and for bringing our beautiful daughter into this world. We would recommend you to all friends/colleagues who would need to go through this journey. Sharing our experience below – hopefully, it helps other couples make the right choice.

“We don’t have enough words to thank Dr. Bhavna and the entire staff at Max fertility. I was diagnosed with very low AMH levels, making it very difficult to conceive with my own eggs. We consulted a few fertility specialists in Delhi and were advised to go ahead with donor eggs by everyone.
Luckily, we met Dr. Bhavna and we knew we were in safe hands from the very first meeting. She gave us the confidence to try IVF with my own eggs and used all her expertise and advanced technologies available to make it happen. Dr. Bhavna is extremely knowledgeable, has a positive aura, and takes a deep interest in every patient. She took a very individualized approach in dealing with my case and was always a call/WhatsApp away to address any concerns.
The IVF journey is very tough – physically and emotionally. However, Dr. Bhavna’s positivity and encouraging words “You will get pregnant, I will not leave you until you do” make it a lot easier.  We had a failed IVF cycle which was disappointing but decided to keep trying on the advice of Dr. Bhavna. The second cycle was a success and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I would recommend all couples planning for an IVF journey to consult with Dr. Bhavna, strictly follow her protocols, and see the magic happen.”
Thank you.