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Doctors are next to God ”
This has really come true in 2015 , when I met Bhawna Banga ..After 6 years of struggle for pregnancy….I had tried everything,almost every specialist and prayed at every temple I n ma family would have known n believed in but nothing worked for me ..I lost all hopes and gave up completely then Dr.Bhawna Banga came as an angel in my life ….she brought the bestest moment to me within 3 months ….I was completely shattered but she always built up my confidence , my faith ,my patience.This is really a miracle for me …She gave me the beautiful feeling of growing my baby inside me …Today I have five month healthy pregnancy and I thank God and Dr. Bhawna Banga each moment…

Manisha Kumari

Excellent service. We have had a great experience so far and staff have been excellent. I was very nervous for my first appointment but the doctor was excellent.

Khushi Pandey

It was such a nice experience ❤😊 … Without any difficulty, we treatment done ….. THANKS SO MUCH DR BHAVNA BANGA. Recommend to all.


She is very good and experienced doctor. Our recommendation to other patients, she is one of best doctor in Delhi NCR. Visit Dr Bhavna Banga for successfully treatments.

Shivang Gupta

Dr. Bhavna Banga is the one of the best fertility expert in Noida. Thank you for making it all go smoothly and making me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Abhishek Patel

Dr. Bhavna Banga is a superb doctor. She is one of the most trusted doctor in the area. Fully satisfied. Truly recommended Dr Bhanva Banga to all.

Jacky Flint

Words can’t express the appreciation we have for you for bringing the bundle of joy in our lives, still we want to take this opportunity to share our experience and express our gratitude for all your help and assistance.

Mahi Jain

There are no words to describe how grateful we are for everything you have done for us. Being halfway through this pregnancy already still seems so surreal to us and we feel so blessed and grateful every day that we are able to go through this amazing journey because of you and your care.

Anudeep Kaur

I am extremely thankful to you for all the care and support. It would have been really difficult without all your kind words and optimism. I’d gladly like to share my experience here with all.

Mrs. Mr S & N

Dearest Bhavna,

We would like to say a BIG THANKSfor giving us the most precious gift of our lives In Aug 2015. You have always been such a dear friend and have advised us all the possibilities on how we should be positive in having a baby. I’ve been really disappointed and sad after 5 failed IUIs whereas you have always been the one to support me by saying that I will be pregnant no matter what and after your recommendation we opted for IVF (ICSI) treatment with just 2 embryos being transferred. I still remember the day of transfer when I asked you that “will it stick na…? And you said where it will go…Hehehehe.” I’m so happy to tell you that I’m now 7 weeks pregnant, I can’t even tell you how happy we both are….we are on cloud nine and just can’t wait to see our bundle of joy, our little angel.

Thanks so much for always being there in every manner, like a doctor, a mentor & a dearest friend. We hope that people like me should get doctors like you who are always so supportive & positive. May God give all the happiness and success to you in your life.


Mrs. Mr S & N