Patient’s Feedback

No words can express the gratitude we have for Dr. Bhavna Banga for bringing a miracle into our lives in the form of our little baby daughter. When we embarked on our IVF journey, and came to the Max Hospital, Panchsheel Park, for the first time, we were anxious, nervous and unsure.

We had heard stories about long and painful IVF process. However, Dr. Banga removed our anxieties with her knowledge as well warm & caring attitude. She is an incredible doctor, a great listener and the most caring doctor we have met. She has been very patient and thorough in guiding us through the IVF process.

With the help of God’s grace and her medical skill, we were able to conceive in our first IVF attempt. Dr. Banga is proactively available for patients on the phone and Whatsapp as well. We appreciate her kindness and professionalism, and recommend her consultation to anyone in a similar situation.