Patient’s Feedback

Being mother is a dream of every married woman. After 3 years of my marriage, we decided to have baby to complete our family and luckily I got conceived, after 2 months without any treatment, but my first pregnancy did not retained and I got miscarriage in 13 weeks. I was completely shattered. After few months, we decided to move on. I was not conceived even after 2 years. We decided to go for IUI. I tried 3 IUI’s but all 3 were failure. I met many doctors, me and my husband all test were okay. All of them said its an unexplained infertility. Finally we decided to go for IVF.I went to Indira IVF center in Delhi. My first IVF was a failure, also there is no transparency in Indira IVF. After one year we tried second IVF from other center in Noida but it was also unsuccessful. These failures were lead to major disappointment to us. I was in pressure. Finally I met Dr Bhawna Banga in Max Superspeciality, Panchsheel New Delhi. After meeting her, I feel positive vibes. I always remember her lines that “u will definitely get pregnant and will have a cute baby girl with beautiful eyes like you for sure”. These lines filled me again with positive energy and we decided to go for IVF under Dr. Bhawna supervision.  I adore Dr. Bhawna Banga. She is the first IVF Specialist that has given me her utmost attention during our appointments. She is personable, friendly, calm, and an absolute joy to talk to. She is young, dynamic doctor and supports the mother’s birthing plans. Doctor is full of energy, available on WhatsApp whenever needed. First time, I saw a doctor who cares for patient financial condition also.Before transferring the embryo she always make sure that everything is fine as per her protocols. She did my hysteroscopy and then after 2 months of break she decided to transfer my embryos. Dr Bhawna Banga was eagerly waiting for my result. Luckily in first go, my IVF transfer worked. I am very happy and satisfied with her treatment and her supporting staff. l suggest that whosoever want to get a joy of motherhood should definitely consult her and have faith in the treatment protocol she suggests. By the grace of GOD, I m blessed with twins now one baby boy and one baby girl in the month of August 2020. I highly recommend Dr. Bhawna Banga!!!!!! Thanks a lot doctor you completed my family. I will suggest for all couples to have faith in her.