Patient’s Feedback

An unforgettable journey to a blissful life
My sincere apologies for being extremely late!
We were married for three years and had been trying for a baby. During medical examination, I got to know that I have pcos which is quite normal these days. I tried for two years but there was no result. Then we started looking for a good gynaecologist in Delhi. During one such meeting with a gynaecologist, we came to know about you. Max Panchsheel was very close to my place. So we decided to meet you. From day one you were so positive and hopeful. You told me very energetically that one day you will become a mother. Your unconditional support at every stage made this journey memorable. We followed your advises and left everything on you as you are exceptionally knowledgeable in your field. Today we are blessed with a son. The zeal with which you work is simply amazing. You have a very deep knowledge of your field and that reflects in your work also.
We are really thankful to Almighty that we met you. You are truly an angel in our life.
Thanks a lot Dr. Bhavna Banga