Patient’s Feedback

Me and my wife were going through an anguishing period. A failed IVF in Patna accompanied with not so good remarks, as both of us had reached a matured stage of our lives.

Besides, my wife had other health issues.

On our neighbors’ recommendation we paid a visit to Dr. Bhawna Banga. A very amicable doctor with a vivacious personality. Her professional conversation was very homely. We really felt at home right at the first meeting.

We were a little disappointed on our 1st IVF at Patna however just after her 1st consultation we became hopeful.

As novices, we had certain forebodings towards IVF but her demonstrations were very lucid and so our anxiety towards IVF were shrugged off. However,

we were also sensitized towards the success rates and the reasons for the same.

As my wife’s case was a complicated one she had a rigorous schedule of drugs and injection.

Dr. Bhawna Banga was very cooperative and any concerns regarding the usage of medicines were quickly stated / answered on WhatsApp.

This is an ample testimony of her profound memory and the dedication she has for her patients.

Now my wife has conceived, this is her 2nd IVF and 1st IVF under Dr. Bhawana Banga.

Me and my family would always thank Dr. Bhawna Banga for staying with us in difficult times.

I would recommend couples who find difficulty in conceiving, to consult her and have faith in her judgement and expertise…