Patient’s Feedback

Dearest Bhavna,

We would like to say a BIG THANKSfor giving us the most precious gift of our lives In Aug 2015. You have always been such a dear friend and have advised us all the possibilities on how we should be positive in having a baby. I’ve been really disappointed and sad after 5 failed IUIs whereas you have always been the one to support me by saying that I will be pregnant no matter what and after your recommendation we opted for IVF (ICSI) treatment with just 2 embryos being transferred. I still remember the day of transfer when I asked you that “will it stick na…? And you said where it will go…Hehehehe.” I’m so happy to tell you that I’m now 7 weeks pregnant, I can’t even tell you how happy we both are….we are on cloud nine and just can’t wait to see our bundle of joy, our little angel.

Thanks so much for always being there in every manner, like a doctor, a mentor & a dearest friend. We hope that people like me should get doctors like you who are always so supportive & positive. May God give all the happiness and success to you in your life.


Mrs. Mr   S & N