Patient’s Feedback

Hi Dr Bhavna,

I am writing this to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for great care and supervision you have shown in our case. I sincerely thank you for making me comfortable and explaining each minute detail with great patience. We we came to you initially I have already gone through one failed IUI with another doctor and I was very disappointed but you really helped in easing my tension and we again went for 2 more IUI which again failed. Here also you motivated me and suggested timely HSG. Unfortunately
result showed that both my tube were blocked. You quickly advised us laparoscopy so that we can be sure for future course of treatment. Fortunately for us and thanks to you that laparoscopy was able to remove tube blockage and my hope for getting pregnant again revived. Now in this first cycle after surgery as I mentioned before also I really lost hope for getting pregnant as eggs were not growing initially but because of your careful and timely guidance we went for the treatment in this cycle and our family is really happy that I
conceived. I dont have words to thank you but it was great feeling and I thank you for all the personal attention which you showed to me.