Patient’s Feedback

Dear Dr Bhavna,

We know Dr. Bhawna since 2011. And, she knew us by name and face since then.
We approached her as I had some major issue with the hormones, and it was said that it is almost impossible to have a kid.Well in Noida, We personally don’t like doctors. They are very very professional(rude). They do not talk to you clearly about the issue you have. You go, he/she checks, write medicines, take the money and ask you to leave. When we visited Dr. Bhawna. She was very friendly to us. And, the best part is that she made us very comfortable with this sensitive topic. She explained everything in much detail. We could ask anything to her. She was full of knowledge. So in 2011, she started the treatment for the IUI process. She was very informative on each medicine/injections/dates. She was not cryptic about the reports, rather explained everything in details. She was so dedicated that we could feel her being emotionally attached to us. As I said before, I had the hormonal issue, but my husband had a good sperm count. Finally, we got the dates of the IUI process, and asked us to follow her procedure in the hospital and at home too. We were so happy when we get to know that we hit the pregnancy news. On 14th Apr 2012, I delivered a healthy baby boy. And, she was also happy and proud. She even asked us about his health a few years after the birth. The boy is doing well now. And, after 5 years, we contacted her again. And, we hit the jackpot again in one go. We were gifted by a baby girl. We informed her first, and she congratulated us almost instantly. So, we have a 100% success rate with her. We studied this process on the internet and got to know that the percentage of conceiving(via this process) is pretty less. But, we were fortunate enough that we got 2 babies in 2 shots. All thanks to her. To summarize, she was always very attentive, descriptive, give much needed time to you, listen patiently. And, she does not forget you. She has a thorough knowledge of the topic, know possible outcomes and implications. She monitors your growth very closely. All thanks to GOD and her. We call Dr. Bhawna our Angel.

Lots of love and blessings to her 🙂

With Regards,