Patient’s Feedback

After 5years of marriage with one ectopic pregnancy & 1 failed IVF, I had lost all hope of becoming a mother. I accidentally spoke about the failed IVF to my yoga instructor & she immediately recommended me to Dr. Bhawna Banga.
Having spent almost 4lacs for the 1st failed IVF, I had no intentions of meeting some other Doctor who would convince me again for IVF as it wouldn’t   have allowed our pockets. A few days later, my yoga instructor called to check if I had met Dr. Bhawna. She requested me to meet her just once & assured me my fears & apprehensions would go away.
Without heart & any intentions of getting myself treated further & just to keep my Yoga instructor’s heart, I decided to meet Dr. Bhawna Banga. I had done my research & read few reviews about her & saw her photo to have an idea about who I along with my husband would be meeting.
I called Dr. Bhawna & took an appointment to meet her. And this is where the twist begins…..
Unlike the image I had seen while doing my research on Dr. Bhawna, saw a very charming person with a bright smile who welcomed us to her cabin. She started with introducing herself & asked about all the minute details I had faced during my ectopic pregnancy & failed IVF. She explained what all would be the treatment methods & models if we agreed to start our treatment with her. She said don’t ever think of not becoming a parent because science has developed so much. But it was not the science which impressed me & my hubby but it was Dr. Bhawna’s passion which was forcing us to believe every word she was saying. And she spoke to us for one hour without even for a sec looking at the clock or keeping a watch at the time. I knew immediately she was SENT FROM GOD for us. I knew nothing would go wrong with DrBhawna being my Doctor. She walked us through the cost of treatment which was also not as expensive as our previous Ivf treatment.
And our journey started. At the age of 34, I am STILL to see a doctor who is concerned about patients money/pocket apart from treatment apart from D.  Bhavna and surprisingly she was so tech savy that watsapp was her best mode of communication unlike other Doctors who are only interested in meeting the patients for any & every consultations.
Post a months gaps as I had fibroids, we started with our IVF journey. I was emotionally very drained for this as my previous IVF treatment was very transactional & we hardly had any human touch in the treatment.
But Dr Bhawna is very different from what our general preception of how Doctors are.
We had our egg collection done & were called for my embryo transfer post 3 days. After the transfer was done, Dr Bhawna said “Look heres your baby” unlike other doctors who had told the embryo had been transfered. Small gestures & words travel miles & Dr Bhawna has made her way in our hearts forever.
Though my pregnancy testing was supposed to happen post 14days, Dr Bhawna with her childlike anxious heart made me take the prega news test 2 days early. Why would a Doctor bother for any patient so much unless she loves her patients & wants to see all of them successfully transformed to motherhood.
I had a positive pregnancy & i am running on 5th month.
The only thing which bothered me during the entire treatment was i was transferred to general gynacologist post 8weeks & had to leave DrBhawna’s treatment. But i am not that selfish not to understand that there are many woman who want SUPPORTIVE & HUMAN Doctors who can help them reach the motherhood which was once just a dream.
I am hard of words to pen our feelings for Dr Bhawna. She is as human & flesh as we are which makes the journey of treatment easy & comfortable with her.
God could not come down from Heaven so he created Dr Bhawna with taking so much time & ensured she has been given all the emotions to understand the pain of her patients.
She has referred me to a very responsible Doctor knowing what we would need.

Anyone who have lost faith in God, meet Dr Bhawna as she is God’s specially sent child from above for people like us.

Trust me , she is a magician & we will always LOVE her for her humanity & support.

Thank you so much Dr Bhawna Banga
I hope we can clone & get many many Dr Bhawna’s so that there aren’t anyone left without hope.