Patient’s Feedback

This is S V I would like to share my experience of my pregnancy.

I married on 2009 and after 3 years we tried for baby but unfortunately could not get naturally.
Because everybody is not that lucky. Then I met Dr. Anita Sharma at Fortis hospital n told her about my problem. She understands my problem and refers me to Dr. Bhavna Banga and she analyzes my reports n suggested me for IUI.
She did IUI and fortunately, I got my first baby from that. I am really great thanks to Dr. Bhavna.

After 4 years of the gap we decided for the second baby but this time also luck was not favored us. So I decided to meet Dr. Bhavna again she listens to my problem and starts her treatment. After two months suggested me for IUI n I always follow her instruction so I agree n go for IUI but unfortunately it was not success.

Then I took a break and someone suggest me another doctor Dr. And I started to take treatment from her after almost 4 months of treatment she decided for IVF n I agree for same. She did IVF but it was not success then again she suggest me ET I agree but it was not sucess.

I was very feeling low n left all hope. But after some time I decided to meet again Dr.Bhavna for last try ; I met her on April 2017 she gone through all report and suggest me iVf and I had like a blind faith of her I took decision to go for IVF.
She did procedure pick up eggs 29 April n after five days she has decided to transfer eggs.

Best part of my doctor is that she never suggest you for money I asked her can we save egg for next cycle if this not success   she said no there is no use coz u have 2 healthy embryos which we transfer rest will not that healthy.
She took decision to transfer 2 embryos.

On 14 May I come to know about my pregnancy  which was positive.

Today I completed 12 weeks and I am very thankful to  Dr. Bhavna who gave me life’s most precious gift.

Please one who are trying for baby and not getting success. Please go once to meet her.

Thanks a lot Mam

May god gives you every happiness In your life as you spread happiness in thousands life.

Best regards