Patient’s Feedback

Dear Dr. Bhavna Banga,

 We want to share our journey to the much-awaited pregnancy, with the several lovely couples that are waiting for a miracle to happen in their lives.  Dr. Bhavna Banga is not just a name, but also a beautiful human being that will remain in our hearts forever. She was always my first choice (based on the reviews I saw on the internet), however, because of my work schedule, I couldn’t meet her until I was left hopeless from other more accessible options. We are married for 7 years now and our journey to parenthood lasted three years and included natural cycles, 5 cycles of stimulation and TSI, 2 IUIs which were a complete failure. We were told that we had unexplained infertility and that there was nothing wrong. After so many medicated cycles, we were not pregnant and heartbroken. It was then when I finally decided to meet Dr. Banga, keeping everything else at bay. I feel that by choosing her I have been rescued of all the emotional and physical trauma and disappointment of all these years.

I had a strong feeling that she can make the miracle happen, even before I decided to meet her. I didn’t even know that I can meet her (because of my work timings), still, there was something really strong that I could not stop thinking to see her some day. Then came the fateful day, when we actually met her. Her aura was itself enough to make someone believe that miracles do happen. On routine examination, she assured us that we will be pregnant for sure, but she just cannot tell us the time. She explained us the available options and let us chose how we wanted to move forward. We did settle for another cycle of IUI, however, things didn’t go as per plan and in a mid way, the cycle was converted to an IVF one since I hyper-ovulated. We are glad that it happened and our first FET was successful and now we are expecting our babies (twins) in November this year. We are so grateful to her for making this happen!

She is available 24*7 and very nice to talk to. She is extremely eminent to make her patients cope up with the unfortunate failures. I do believe that she is an extremely positive soul, and an amazing human being apart from being an extraordinary doctor. I strongly recommend her for all the couples waiting for the godsend.

Best wishes for all ur future endeavors