Patient’s Feedback

Five years into our marriage with one failed ectopic pregnancy, we were more than ever desperate to have a child. Like everyone else, we wanted to be blessed with a miracle of a child. Besides our own personal needs, there was tremendous social pressure from friends and families.

Then we decided to look for alternatives and became interested in IVF. We started to look for qualified hospitals and luckily we met Dr. Bhavna Banga of max health care center. She is an amazing doctor who reignited our hope and trust in the future.

After a successful egg collection and five well-fertilized blastocysts, we were eager for the transfer date. With advice from our doctor to avoid the risk of OHSS we decided to postpone the transfer date. After taking a three-month break we returned again. In our first IVF cycle, two blastocysts are transfered. Sadly they never made it but we also never lose the hope. In the immediate cycle, two blastocysts were transferred. Both have made it and we are blessed with cute twins a boy and a girl on 03/03/2017.

I have no words but THANK YOU!. It’s a journey worth taking.
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