Patient’s Feedback

Our story starts with a thought of family planning and we went to a nearby hospital to consult a doctor for check up but the results were shocking and hard to believe, we both were a week and cannot conceive naturally, so our doctors referred us to Dr. Bhavna.

The day when we met her was the day of change and hope, she counsels us well and explained the procedures of IVF.

And we have started the treatment in search of our happiness. It took around six months to get the whole process complete and then Dr. Bhavna asked us to be ready for the pregnancy test, and that day we see a line of happiness and joy.

And on the confirmation, Dr. Bhvana referred us back to our Gynecologist but this referral was a beginning of a new era of our life.

We still remember her words ‘ don’t worry, I promise, you will become a mother one day’

And now after nine months, the day has come and we are proud parents of a cute little angel and this is all because of a magical lady ‘Dr. Bhavna’.