Patient’s Feedback

We are married for the last six years and have been trying for a baby for the last four years. I had multiple failed IUIs and IVF attempts. We visited top IVF consultants in Delhi and NCR but our connection was somewhere else.

After visiting top IVF consultants in Delhi and we finally met our angel doctor Bhavna Banga. She was so impressive, so smart with full of positive energy in our first interaction. Seeing her experience and confidence in infertility treatments, we felt relaxed and we’re sure that we are in the right hands. She is a kind of doctor who helps others to make their dreams come true which is a commendable task.

We are now blessed with twin boys. I delivered two healthy twin babies on August 23. I thank Dr. Bhavna Banga, from the bottom of my heart. For her, it may be one more success story in her career but for us, proud parents, this has brought a whole new feeling and meaning in our life.

Mark my words, Doctor Bhavna is going to be the most famous doctor ever. She has achieved so much in her early age which normally takes decades for others. I wish her every success and happiness in her life.

Thank you doctor.. you will always be in our prayers