Patient’s Feedback

Hello everybody,

I feel very happy to share that at present my wife is 8 months pregnant and it was only possible because of sincere effort by Dr. Bhavna Banga. But there is a long journey of 7 years of infertility treatment which I would like to briefly share to all my friends who are seeking fertility treatment.

We were married 9 years ago, and after 1 year my wife started losing weight and also hade low grade fever. After so many investigations and test it was found that my wife is suffering from genital tuberculosis. After completing ATT treatment for 9 months, First time laparoscopy was done and found endometriosis of grade 3 with endometriotic cyst in both ovaries and right fallopian tube was also blocked.
In hysteroscopy , it was diagnosed that normal uterine cavity had been deformed to T shaped cavity, for which metroplasty was done.

Conservative surgery was done since we do not had any child. Following that 2nd and 3rd laparoscopic surgery was done because endometriosis reoccurs every time. In 3rd laparoscopic surgery, right tube fallopian tube was clipped.

In between 3 times IUI and 2 times IVF was done at Delhi but all were unsuccessful. We just felt totally devastated and hopeless. We also tried ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment but all were vain attempt. Finally we decided to have 3rd and last IVF and it was just a chance that we were referred to Dr. Bhavna Banga by one of my friends.
For the first time we consulted her in Oct. 2015.and that was the turning day in our life. Let me clear to all my dear friends there are many doctors who provides infertility treatment, but the level of confidence, knowledge, dedication she has, is really appreciable. She reviewed all the treatments taken before and listened us patiently. After u/s scanning for the first time she said that “your wife will be 100% pregnant’’.

Her words were just like a ray of sunlight in a dark room for us. We planned our 3rd IVF in Dec 2015 and the day came when my wife blood test beta HCG test was positive. Our 3rd IVF was successful. During the whole treatment she supported us emotionally, morally which is very important for a childless couple. She always responded very well on mobile phone .

I could not forget the moment that she was very happy and excited when she saw the heartbeat of the little bean for the first time. She always explained our doubts nicely. Even in 1st trimester my wife suffered from sub chorionic hematoma and many other issues which she handled successfully. Her humble nature and her emotionally support till now is just fantabulous.

Even now, when my wife is under obstetrician , she still gives her valuable advice, whenever we need. We still send all pregnancy reports to Dr. Bhavna Banga. Today my wife is enjoying pregnancy only because of her. She is just God for us.
I strongly recommend Dr. Bhavna Banga for the couples who are facing problem in conceiving. I wish her a tons of success in her career.