Patient’s Feedback

I have been married for 8 years and I was diagnosed with PCOS after about 3 years of marriage. Since we were not planning for the baby, we didn’t care much at that time. Apart from PCOS, I did not suffer with any symptoms like high sugar or overweight etc. But as my studies got completed, we were serious enough for the family planning. I went to clinic of one of the best doctors of India in Delhi. That was the most horrible experience I gained. I underwent IUI there and after pathetic service (for them, we were not patients but atm cards which will earn them as much money as many patients they quickly see, hence giving no extra time and care to each patient), I never thought of going back there again.

Then I underwent 2 more iui’s when I was on a trip abroad which were again unsuccessful. After coming back to India, I was referred to a gynecologist in Noida. After regular tests and scans, she referred me to Dr. Bhavna Banga referring her as an enthusiastic doctor.

We visited her in Max patparganj in 2015. I liked the way she listened to me & made me understand things clearly. Unlike other infertility doctors, she did not emphasize in IVF, but gave us three options of treatment to follow. But somehow I had always believed that I would be able to conceive naturally. So I asked my husband to give a little break from the treatment and medications. One more year passed without success, and now we decided for the treatment again. I was so impressed by Dr. Bhavna Banga in the first visit that I had decided if ever I took treatment, it would be her only.

So I went back to her in May 2016. And to save time, it was our decision to go for IVF. Having been through all the necessary tests in first month, Doctor put us on some medication as a first step. She was abroad in between but still managed the dates of treatment. She was always there on whatsapp if I ever had any query. And finally I conceived in July & am 3 months pregnant now.

I have so many incidents during treatment where I always felt that she was first a great human being before a doctor, understanding both the complexities of human emotions as well as medications. We never got disappointed at any stage of our treatment. The very special thing about her is that she values our time as much as hers. She neither gives extra hopes nor she makes you morally down, just exact combination of truth and hopefulness. During my treatment, she said to me “mark my words, you will click this time”. And it is her hard work, passion and beautiful heart which makes her successful for herself as well proves blessings to the couples like us. May God give her greater heights of success and prosperity without losing her golden touch with the humanity.