Patient’s Feedback

Dear Dr. Bhavna Banga,

We don’t know how WE THANK YOU FOR WONDERFUL & PRECIOUS GIFTS. Making your own dreams come true is not really big but helping other people to make their dreams come true is a commendable task.

We are couple married in 2007 and living in Noida. Till date, we tried many times to have a baby but God didn’t give us this opportunity. After every possible effort being done from our end, we completely lost hope and started believing that we won’t be able to have a child anymore.

After taking consultation from many other doctors and two failed IUI we are very depressed and loose hope. Then our gynecologist referred us to Dr. Bhavna Banga for IVF treatment.

First, I thought that it was one of the many ‘birth-centers’ that exist in the market. With little hope in our heart, We decided to come and visit the Max Noida Centre for once. A hospitable environment, very warm welcome, and a caring staff greeted us. Here is the first time We met doctor Bavna Banga. Seeing her experience and confidence in the subject, We felt relaxed and confident, thus deciding to continue our IVF treatment with her. Dr. Bhanva Banga is very friendly, caring, truly speaking to his patient without any greedy intentions.

After two failure IUI and increasing age factor she suggested us to go for IVF and we started with treatment. She gives us proper time in counseling us and preparing both of us for treatment mentally also.

She has given us first IVF natural transfer at Max Panscheel Centre but unfortunately, its results come as unsuccessful after 15 days in a pregnancy test.

But she freezes three more embryos for us in case the first attempt fails. So we have one hope still left.

In very next cycle Dr. Bhavna Banga transfers two frozen embryones and by the grace of God and it clicks this time, pregnancy test comes positive.

It was the best and most beautiful moment in our life when Dr. Bavna Banga said “Congratulations, you are Pregnant and blessed with twin babies” confirming after an ultrasound. A word that seemed impossible in my dictionary of words and was a distant dream became a reality through efforts made by Dr. Bhavna Banga.

We are very happy now and enjoying 5-month pregnancy. We thank Dr. Bavna Banga and her whole team from the bottom of our heart.

You will always be in my prayers.
Would like to convey our deepest gratitude.

B & K