Patient’s Feedback

From seeds to sapling

We have been married for three years or so and we were desperately trying to bear fruits on our family tree. Although we have never sat down to plan a baby but thinking of it now, we were never against it. Our casual efforts soon transformed into a serious family situation. Being a medico myself, I had hoped for a smoother ride but things escalated quickly. No gain out of a series of normal tests done by a locally renowned gynecologist pushed the panic button further. We turned to a reputed corporate hospital hoping for quicker results but the story didn’t move an inch. Not only the things were not turning out as expected but the doctors (including myself) couldn’t even contain the negativity boiling in my wife’s mind.

After months of futile efforts and fruitless doctor hopping, we landed up in Dr. Bhavna Banga’s OPD. The tables turned and we could instantly feel the connection. The one thing that made the biggest difference was the positive energy oozing out of her magnanimous personality. I still remember the look on my wife’s face after the first consultation, she was hopeful again. Dr. Bhavna Banga had channelized her energy into my wife’s conscience. After initial tests and drugs for a few cycles, we decided to go for an IUI. We were a little skeptical about it but decided to go with it.

On the day of our IUI, there was one more couple, young, similar history and as tense as us. We were all waiting for the same thing, gathering hope and preparing ourselves for a few more cycles of trials. A few weeks later, we checked the spot test and those two lines turned into a rainbow of happiness for us. WE WERE PREGNANT. Yes, I said we were because we shared that awesome feeling and we still do. Coincidentally, the other couple also reported on the same day with the good news.

We hope more and more people can benefit from Dr. Bhavna Banga’s counseling, consultation, and treatment. Our best wishes to Dr. Bhavna and all the lovely couples out there looking for some light.

 Best wishes,

Happy parents 

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