Patient’s Feedback

Dear Dr. Bhavna,

I would like to begin by sharing that I have delivered a healthy female baby in May 2015, in London through IVF/ ICSI treatment from Dr. Bhavna Banga.

I am 38 yrs and was trying to have a baby for a while. I consulted a Gynae in London and then later was referred to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) in view of low AMH and I was counseled that I have a low egg making ability.
As per the advice of the RE, I underwent the first IVF cycle in London and it was negative. I was told that my egg quality and no of eggs both were low and hence another cycle was scheduled after 4-5 months as per the NHS protocol.
Since being a Gynaec myself I was aware of my age-related decline in fertility and so I choose to travel to India, to pursue the next cycle as soon as possible.
I was recommended by one of my friends to Dr. Bhavna Banga and in the initial consultation, she did an in-depth review analysis of the previous treatment, and she recommended the next IVF cycle on a different protocol which is specifically used in women who have a low egg making ability (Microdose flare protocol).

Her positive approach, ability to relate to situations with a smile and the most important was that I could access her easily for my queries. Such an environment made me very much comfortable during my entire treatment process.
After the long wait, 14 days post embryo transfer, the rest is history!!!!
The pregnancy test was strongly positive, and my entire antenatal period was uneventful…

I would never forget Dr. Bhavna Banga and can not express in words that she has been a major life event changer in our lives …

I would suggest to all patients who are coming up with stressful issues of infertility, that you need to continue treatment with that doctor, who gives you time, attention and most important is that who individualizes your treatment protocol to maximize success.
Thanking you once again !!!!!!!!!

Mrs n Mr. SPJ