Patient’s Feedback

Abundant Blessings – Thank You, Dr. Bhavna Banga,

I am writing this feedback, not for the sake of my experience with Doctor, instead would like to inspire other childless couples to step ahead and move towards your future as “PARENTS”.

I got married in the year 2008 and my wife conceived the very next year but unfortunately due to some reason my wife could not hold on to that conception and we had a miscarriage, since then we have been trying continuously but it was all negative results for us. Honestly speaking we have applied all available resorts and have changed many Doctors in 9 years. We have gone through 6 IUI’s and 3 IVF’s but every time it is hard luck for me and my wife. We were not just losing money on these expensive treatments but losing faith on God and this was also impacting our relationship as well (and being human this is very natural).

After all this struggle stated above, the family member of mine referred Dr. Bhavna, though we were really frustrated and don’t want to start this painful journey again but since that family member is so close that we couldn’t even say no to her and we started planning again to give it a last try. This time we were well prepared that this will be the last try and if at all this ends up with failure as usual then we will go for adoption.  April 2017 happened to be the month that we met Dr.Bhavna in Max Hospital for the first time, and believe me, readers, I felt so good after meeting her and somewhere in our heart we felt the ray of hope and positivity. She is a true professional with ample of space in her heart for all the patients she is dealing with. We have met so many doctors before seeing her and all use to be 50% sure about our pregnancy but she was the one who said: “Lalita don’t worry you will be pregnant for sure”. Our first meeting was for about 1 hrs or more and she checked all our past history with a lot of patience (usually this happens very rare and that too when you have que to consult more patients.)

She prescribed a few tests and assured us that in coming few months we will have a baby. The best part about the doctor is that she is always available on the call with you, if not call than WhatsApp. Believe it or not, our complete journey has relied on WhatsApp conversation. And she is surely not money minded doctor, will only suggest you necessary test be conducted and will explain you the reason of conducting the test and will make you understand on the outcome of the test in a subsequent meeting. We have followed what doctor advised and have not invested much of our brains to figure out odds.

After reviewing all our past history and present test which she prescribed in the first meeting she concluded to conduct IVF in coming few months depending upon the response of medication provided to my wife.

We were also very optimistic and started our journey with her, she advised my wife to be relaxed and start workout in order to lose some weight. She was not just a doctor to us, in fact, have played a role of mentor and friend, have always advised and suggested us throughout the journey. During our journey of all medication and test she discovered a cyst in my wife’s womb, which no other doctor has pointed in past so many years so she advised us to get this removed through a surgical procedure and thereafter we will conduct IVF protocol. We followed the instructions and she performed the required surgery and the very next month i.e. Dec 2017 she planned a transfer of 2 embryos. To come to this decision she canceled about 3 cycles of ours so she was not in hurry at all this is also one of her quality. She never considers time as a barrier instead very much focused on results so we will do and go beyond her limits to make the result favorable. The first trial brought us happiness and feeling of joy in our family, as the test Beta HCG was conducted on 06th Jan 2018 and was positive. We were extremely happy and we had no words to explain this happiness, we were hearing this news after a long 8 years. With the results, Dr.Bhawan was also extremely happy. Our first ultrasound was on 25th Jan 2018 and this was the day when our happiness become double as my wife was pregnant with twins. The moment I came to know about this I called up the doctor and shared the result with her and she called us to see her at the hospital.

From that day up to completion of first trimester she handled each and everything, basically this is the most crucial time of pregnancy and she took our entire burden and kept us positive and motivated. Usually all these infertility doctors play their role until patient is pregnant and once that happens they immediately refer you to some gynecologist but this is not with this doctor. We were fortunate to get Dr. Parul Jain as our gynecologist for the rest of the journey and on 21st Aug 2018 we were blessed with a baby boy and a baby girl.

Many things depend upon the doctors so be very particular about your selection, in our case we are glad that almighty blessed us with such a good doctor that helped us in bringing two little and beautiful souls in our family and in this world. Thank you is very small words but trust me Dr.Bhavna you have been such a blessing to us, we keep you in our prayers for long and prosperous life. May God bless you  and your family with all the happiness in this world.