Patient’s Feedback

My heart is filled with so many feelings, and mind with so many words that I really don’t know how to summarize our association of last 2 years. To start from the very beginning, I’ve been married for 5 years and been actively trying to extend our family for almost 1 year before we meet you. We were already consulting other doctors, when I got to know about you from one of my colleagues. So, after a lot of online research and discussion we finally booked an appointment with you…  

And even before meeting you, I knew I had made the right choice because you are the only Doctor I have known in my entire life who had personally called to apologize for cancelling our appointment due to an emergency and requested to re-schedule. I know anyone who cares this much about her patients including the new ones, will definitely guide us correctly.

 I am on the heavier side of the scale and all the doctor’s in the past had simply pointed that to be the issue because of which we were unable to conceive without investigating any other underlying issues. But when we met you, you took an absolutely different approach and gave me confidence that it’s not me who is the issue it can be anything else as well. 

You are very cheerful, friendly and immediately came across as someone with whom we could openly discuss our issues and concerns. You were extremely patient with us and took a lot of time explaining us our options and answered all our queries multiple times without showing any sign of irritation or ever hurried in our sessions together. 

Another thing that I found amazing about you was that you always addressed us with our Names including my husband which was fascinating as you have huge number of patients. You are always available on Whatsapp no matter what time of the day. The day I had my test result I messaged you around 9:30 PM in the night and you immediately replied back. 

You religiously followed up with us on our appointments and milestones and progress throughout the treatment and even after we were pregnant you messaged asking how we are doing. 

I have never met any Doctor who is this dedicated and honest with her patients. We both were sad on the day of our last appointment that we will not get to meet again, and also happy that finally after months of hard work we will now become parents.

 Our Son Agastya was born on 4th July 2018 and we could not me more grateful to you for all your guidance and help, because of which we were able to experience the greatest joy in the world. 

We wish you all the very best and a big thank you from all of us.