Patient’s Feedback

My journey to conception was a long one. Three years into marriage, we were trying for a baby. The one big issue was after coming to Noida, my periods were irregular. I visited many gynaes but nothing really worked out as they only treated the symptom.

In early 2017, my aunt suggested going to a prominent Noida hospital. The Gynae started with some medicines and follicular study, and I was detected with the dreaded – “PCOS”. I was in tears and feared how my dream of becoming a mom would turn into reality. The doctor had a very gradual treatment outline and would always ask us to try naturally. I underwent a series of follicular studies & a HSG test in October that year. All of which turned out to be normal. So, I also had my first IUI that November, but it failed. I had never thought of meeting an infertility doctor but then family pressure & my age made me explore in that direction. My husband has asthma issue and he would go to Max Noida to consult. I would always accompany him & would check the list of doctors at the reception.

I saw Dr Bhawna Banga under ‘Infertility & reproductive medicine’ at the Noida facility. So as all of us do, I googled her. A lot of positive information came up and in December impatience coupled with the unavailability of my gynae, I went to meet Dr. Bhawna Banga. Believe me, in a single IUI investigation & procedure, I conceived in Feb 2018!

The first time, I went to meet her at Max Noida, she patiently heard me out, I showed her all my earlier reports. She took time to explain everything but by then as I had read so much on PCOS that I could immediately relate to whatever she said. She asked me to come the next day for an ultrasound. Now,

I never had the experience of a doctor herself conducting the ultrasound. I was super impressed! The very first thing she told me during the check was, ‘you will conceive’ and that everything was good. After that, she asked me to wait, while she attended to other patients. She explained, and we consented on going ahead with one IUI and if it fails, we go ahead with IVF. I went to meet her on the last day of my period, she gave me just 2 medicines and a trigger and asked me to come at Panchsheel facility for the IUI.

The day had come & I was super nervous because of the failed IUI experience earlier. Nevertheless, I had faith in Dr. Banga and knew she try her best. During the procedure Dr. Banga was optimistic on its success. The whole time she kept assuring and cheering me up. And guess what after 4-5 days, I started feeling a pull in my tummy.

After a month and a few pee-sticks, I was pregnant! She is always available on WhatsApp & calls. Till date, she has been so so helpful. I just can’t appreciate & thank her enough for our baby girl and urge mothers-to-be to never lose faith. I recommend her with lots of love & prayers!!