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Testicular Sperm Retrieval (TESE, PESE, MESE, TESA)

What is Testicular Sperm Retrieval?

This is a popular technique carried out to help men whose ejaculate are void of sperms or those who cannot ejaculate. This is considered the ultimate treatment for infertility caused due to male factor. The principle behind the technique lies in the fact that not all the sperms that are produced get ejaculated. Countless sperms could be found in the reproductive tracts of men.

The process of Testicular Sperm Retrieval involves diagnosis of normal functioning of testis. This is done through biopsy but in most of the cases normal test related to FSH, follicle-stimulating hormone and testosterone suffice. Once it is ascertained that the production of sperm is normal, epididymal sperm aspiration or Vasal sperm aspiration or any other process which doctor find suitable to retrieve the sperms from the reproductive tract is carried out. The retrieval is carried out either on the day of ovulation of female partner or a day prior to it. Once the sperms are retrieved, these are used for ICSI or IMSI for IVF treatment.


(Testicular Sperm Retrieval)

What Are The Indications For Testicular Sperm Retrieval?

Major indications for Testicular Sperm Retrieval include the following:

  • Male factor causing infertility pertaining to inability to ejaculate
  • Absence of sperm in ejaculate
  • Men who have spinal injury restricting normal ejaculation
  • Both Obstructive and Non- Obstructive Azoospermia
  • Diabetics who are unable to ejaculate present sufficient indications for testicular sperm retrieval process
  • Total astheno-/necrozoospermia – when all sperm are immotile they may be viable but immotile