Patient’s Feedback

I got married in 2011. I was always aware that I am suffering from PCOD so the pregnancy will not be easy for me. After trying and hoping for any miracles we tried for 3 years but as expected I failed. Then I started my Journey to infertility experts in 2015 I was lucky enough as I met Dr Bhavna in my first visit.

She explained us every detail and told us that I can be pregnant inspite of having PCOD. The first cycle started in July 2015 but I didn’t respond to medicines so that needs to be cancelled.

In my second cycle Nov 2015 I became pregnant I was on cloud nine but that resulted in early miscarriage as heartbeat cannot be detected.

I was really divested but Dr Bhavna gave me confidence that I became pregnant at least in a first try so there is a fair chance of a live baby more now.

I got an year to overcome my grief and in October 2016 I again gave a try and I again became pregnant but again resulted in miscarriage at 8 weeks no heartbeat detected.

After that she suggested me a series of test and fortunately all came normal.

There was a point when I became sad when my reports came normal as I was not able to find the right reasons for my early miscarriages.

She was still giving me hope of not to give up as I can become a mother which I now feel is a distant dream to me.

In 2018 January we again gave a try but it was also resulted in same story. Now I have start thinking of adoption as only option for me then she consoled me and told me not to give up. Finally in 4th attempt in October 2018 I found my baby heartbeat and now 24 weeks pregnant with twins. Hoping to meet my babies in 3 months.

I really appreciate her positive attitude towards me which gives me confidence to go again and again in this journey as each and every cycle is an roller coaster ride for me starting with happiness and ending in sorrow. I just ask everyone to be patient in this journey as the destination is worth it.

We share a long 5 year journey and I Every time even today when I think and look at her I feel confident that I can be also a mother of my own child.

The dream which was not achievable for me she made into reality. Today when I feel flutters of my baby in my tummy I feel very thankful to her and God for giving me the most precious gift of my life.