Patient’s Feedback

Story of 41 year old Couple with so many complications who completed their family by IVF
Thanks to Dr. Bhawna Banga.

Dr. Bhawna Banga, A synonym to excellence!! We thankyou from bottom of our heart for gifting us our
little prince and completing our family.

We married in year 2005, In 2007 we first realized that we need infertility treatment. We don’t know
what went wrong but we consulted and taken medical treatment from at least 06 Govt. Hospitals and 03
Private Hospitals (AIIMS, RML, NIHFW, LNJP and KJIVF are few of them). My wife encountered with three
Miscarriages, one Ectopic Pregnancy and two failed IUIs. In the process, the concerned doctors had
given Egg Stimulation Hormones to my wife for around 11-12 cycles and later, we found that all eggs are
80.93). The doctors then advice us that IVF , FSH exhausted/ depleted.

Despite this, my wife conceived spontaneously in year 2011 and we were on the
top of emotions and thanks GOD for listening our prayers lastly but that was the beginning of worst
patch of our life when many complications have been started in pregnancy. GDM, Preeclampsia, Severe
IUGR, Oligohydramnios, Edema & Placental Thrombosis are few of them. Ultimately, a pre-mature baby girl
delivered at 32 weeks of Pregnancy by LSCS (Cesarean Section) with 750Gm of weight. She could survive
only for 15 days and GOD has taken her back from us. We remained emptied hand. We shattered totally and
all hopes vanished. We were not able to understand why GOD has given baby naturally when doctors have
denied the same and why taken back. No hope as left with us.

After 1 year, we again summed ourselves and started with beginning. The GOD now listened our prayers
and was kind enough to give us our life, a baby boy delivered in year 2014 by Cesarean Section.

As we were having one baby, my wife insisted for one more baby to complete our family and for accompany
of our only son but due to lots of problems/complications including weight gain, two Cesarean Sections,
GDM, Age factor, the doctors cautioned us for complications in third pregnancy. So we were in a state of
uncertainty as to what to do but after so much discussion with each other, we finally in 2017 decided
to go ahead  though it was not an easy task due many complications .

We find an IVF Specialist situated at South Delhi and the process started in May 2017. Our IVF Specialist has transferred 04 good embryos and 04 embryos
were freezed for future use but alas, it was a failed IVF Cycle.

Though, the IVF Specialist was a senior doctor, we were not convinced and satisfied by the previous IVF
process. Now, in year 2018, we were around 40 years old. We decided to take last and final chance with
Freezed Embryos. However, our Gynecologist has again cautioned us due to age factor and previous
complications. We were now in search of good IVF Specialist who can understand our situation, our
problems and guide us properly. Thank to GOD, we meet with Dr. Bhawna Banga. My wife is Lecturer in
Delhi, so we were having a thought to carryout process in Summer Vacations. When we decided to meet Dr.
Bhawna, she was away from Country. When we talked to her and tell our plan and also tell scarcity of
time, she immediately cooperated with us and took all history over phone/whatsapp. She then advice some
medicine and suggested to meet when she returned. In our very first meeting, we were so convinced that
no doubt remained in our minds. Dr. Bhawna listened to us very carefully and answered our all queries.
Though she was having very busy schedule, she gave us enough time. She was so much cooperative and
positive that after consulting with her, a new ray of hope has been developed in us and a confidence
has been emerged in us.

Dr. Bhawna has started the treatment. We would like to mention here that despite being much
professional and perfect in her filed, she gives us personal feel. She was cheerful and confident
always. She took note of each and every small point and remember all schedule properly. She remained
available immediately on phone and on whatsapp. Though my wife had two IVF cycles previously, this
cycle was too smooth, planned and without any hassle. She managed all things so smoothly and even tells
about next step. The Embryo transfer was done in May, 2018 and out of 04 leftout Freezed embryo she
decided to transfer 2-3 embryos, other 1-2 were discarded being not good. She was so confident and
perfect in work that it took only 10 minute in transferring of embryos. I salute to her
professionalism. She advised medicine for 15 days told us to go home and pray to GOD. She was so eager
to know the results that she told us to send image of UPT Kit immediately after test. BOOM, after 2
weeks, the results were positive. We thanked GOD and Dr. Bhawna. Due to her constant efforts and
expertise, we get this pregnancy.

Now, we were in search of good Gynecologist who can handle rest of pregnancy smoothly. We imagine many
times and even told Dr. Bhawna ki KASH AAP HAMARI GYNECOLOGIST HOTI. Dr. Bhawna has helped us a lot in
finding good Gynecologist. She was always in touch with us. Even we always discussed small things,
small problems with her first then our gynecologist and she guided us perfectly each time. There was a
time in July, 2018 when bleeding started suddenly and we thought that all gone but at that moment Dr.
Bhawna guided us and was with us. She remained much concerned till all was not in control.

By the grace of that almighty GOD and angel Dr. Bhawna Banga, a baby boy delivered in Feb, 2019. Thanx
to Dr. Bhawna for remaining with us in our difficult times. Thanx Dr. Bhawna for guiding us so
positively throughout the pregnancy and supporting us. Your humanitarian behavior, your
professionalism, your positive approach, your expertise and your caliber distinguish you apart. LONG
LIVE Dr. Bhawna Banga, may GOD bless you always. May God bless you always. We don’t know what is
wrong or what is right as per  view but GOD has gifted us baby and that was not without his

I request all the couples, who are in-search of Infertility Specialist/IVF Specialist, meet once Dr.
Bhavna Banga. You could faith on her blindly and I assure, you will not be disappointed and you will
get possible results.