Patient’s Feedback

Dear Dr. bhavna

I thank God every minute that he showed a ray of hope by letting us meet you . From the very first consultation you have been immensely supportive and positive in our case .

After 4 years of marriage , PCOD prob, thyroid issues , hormonal imbalance the desire of having a family seemed like a dream until we met you.

The best thing about you actually so many… you are always available on WhatsApp  … you have always replied to all  our queries and doubts..  u have always adjusted with us in terms of meetings.. most importantly personalised attention and all ultrasounds were done by you and not any other junior doctors….

your immense care and support throughout pregnancy is unforgettable

Thank you soooooo much mam for everything …. finally we are proud parents of twins.. God bless you always …. May you achieve many more heights of success in future..

Thank you