Patient’s Feedback


I have no words to thank Dr. Bhavna Banga. We are married since 5yrs and trying for baby for the last 2yrs and going through lot of stress. I had been suffering from PCOS and there my struggle of journey towards baby has started. Initially I was not serious but my hubby knew the seriousness of it. Few months later I was positive but it lasted for just few weeks as it was biochemical. Then I approached Obstetrics doctor and she started me with medicines and follicular study, but nothing worked out. In my life I never thought that I would meet an infertility doctor but had no option. She literally handled my case so worst that I was in my pain so for so many months due to hard medications. Than we decided to change the doctor 3rd time and she did hysterolaparoscopy, tube test etc. I was informed that  my endometrium thickness was too thin to conceive. She performed 4 IUI cycles and it was all a failure. She finally told to go for IVF. We weren’t sure whether to go for it or not as there was a fear of unsuccessful, so we decided to go for second opinion. We went to meet a doctor in Delhi and again so many investigations and we were not satisfied with his answers.

    Then one day I was going through internet for the best IVF specialist and I came across Dr. Bhavna and read her complete profile. Not sure what clicked my mind I discussed about her with my hubby. My hubby said ok we shall go for a consultation. One day we were in Delhi and we had some time before we leave for our home, so thought we shall meet Dr.Bhavna. We were totally frustrated as we did not knew what next to do. By the time we cold make any decision our turn came and we went inside. The moment I saw her there was a positivity feeling which I got. Then our conversation started and she explained everything to us in such a loveable manner that all our frustrations were relieved. We realized that she was not in a mood to hatch us which we loved it the most. Basically because of my bitter experience in the past, I wanted a doctor who can study my case very well instead just putting me on medications without knowing what is actually required. I really appreciate the knowledge of Dr. Bhavna that she completely understood what exactly i am lacking of. This time we were completely prepared for IVF and we told her that we want to go for IVF. I had read a lot about IVF, studied many forums and was so scared to start it, but Dr. Bhavna gave me the assurance that everything will be fine.

 What I read and what I experienced about IVF treatment was so different, Dr. Bhavna has really put me with so less medications that I could not believe it. It was not at all a painful. She held my hands so tightly from day one till today that I have no words to explain. She is really concerned about her patients. She had always helped us every second. She transferred two embryos and when I went for my first USG and I was shocked to know that I was having triplets. Then we meet Dr. Bhavna and she suggested to meet the Fetal care expert and due to some reasons I had to reduce twin baby. We always blindly followed all her instructions and today I am 13 weeks pregnant. She is a GEM of a person. Even today we contact her if we face any difficulty and she responded every time. If apart from an infertility specialist if she does the delivery I would not go anywhere and would love to deliver my baby in her such a caring, lovely, beautiful hands. I would highly recommend Dr. Bhavna to all the patients who are suffering like me.
Love you Dr. Bhavna.

With love
Dr AV & AV