Patient’s Feedback

Hello Dr Bhavna,

We were referred to you by Dr Monika Wadhawan, from Fortis hospital, suggesting that you are one of the best in the town with very good results. We must say, we were a little apprehensive about the treatment that we were about to get, as we were not very sure about IUI & it’s success ratio.

Just as a background we were trying for a baby for the last 2 years, & the natural process, was not bearing us any fruit. We had already gone through n number of Follicular Monitorings, and a very painful HSG test too, so we would like to think that we did everything right that we could. But somehow, God had decided a different scenario for us to have a baby, & he made us meet you.

We met you at Max, Noida & our very first interaction, turned out to be a very positive meeting, as you bucked us up & promised that we surely will have a baby , as this was very normal. A small counselling session with you actually filled us with confidence & positive attitude. We have found you a very caring doctor, the one, who is very particular about her patients well being & best results. We were surprised to have received so many of your calls, just to make sure that I am doing fine, &  taking all the necessary medications & precautions.

Once we got our IUI done, we just went to our normal routines, & one day when you had asked us to go for the Home Pregnancy Test, we just went ahead & did it, without any kind of hope, as you had already told us that IUI has around 7% success rate only. But as luck would have it, we got lucky & conceived. To be fair, we were indeed lucky , but also , it was about your precision of the art. We would never be able to thank you enough & would always remember you for a lifetime, as your name is ebbed into our memories, forever, with our baby.

All in all, we have found you as an excellent professional, one who knows how to connect personally with her patients. To my fellow patients, guys Trust Dr Bhavna , & I promise it will pay you rich dividends. We can definitely, say that, though IUI has just got around 7% of success rate, the % ratio of success becomes even better, just through a very good counselling session from Dr Bhavna’s side, as it creates that positive aura around the patient, & of course , the precision with which she does it. The best thing about Dr Bhavna is that, she has the courtesy to be available to her patients all the time, & is generous enough to respond back & attend to her patient’s call. She is very practical so won’t give you false promises, but results.So its definitely worth it.

Thank you for your invaluable help. I am sure you will serve the society very well with your vibrant energy & personal touch. All the Best & Thanks a ton.