Patient’s Feedback

Dear Doctor,

I am extremely thankful to you for all the care and support. It would have been really difficult without all your kind words and optimism. I’d gladly like to share my experience here with all.
We got married in 2011, we started trying in 2014 and I got pregnant soon. But it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. And I had to suffer the loss of right fallopian tube. My then doctor was so careless and negligent. I hate to recall that time.
After a year we started trying again but there was no success. All tests of us showed everything is fine. I underwent  IUI for 4 times but all cycles failed.
We decided to take a break from treatment & started finding another doctor to continue.
Then one of our relatives who also had a successful IVF with the treatment by Dr. Bhavana suggested us to meet her.
In January 2017 we met Dr. Bhavna Banga in max Patparganj. She did a scan and told me to be positive and I will conceive for sure. She explained us every option we had and pros and cons of each. In our very first meeting, she made us so comfortable and we felt so hopeful after meeting her. Communicating with her is so easy even for an extremely shy person like me. We decided to go for an IVF and started treatment after some essential tests.
In March the eggs were retrieved and the count was only 7 which is low. But she told us to be positive and not to worry. Three out of seven were fertilized.

I had to go for FET a month later. In May 2017, we had the transfer done and now I am pregnant and due in January. It’s a singleton pregnancy. When she saw the preg tests are positive she was so happy for us just like a family member.
The journey of undergoing all the treatment is very stressful both emotionally and mentally. But if your doctor is sincere and supportive, then its really a big help. I sometimes got so worried and stressed out but Dr.Bhavana always helped us to stay positive and calm. She explains everything so well, remembers your treatment history and details. You can reach her easily as she responds to phone calls or SMS as soon as she can. You will be well informed and connected throughout the treatment. She has qualities that are hard to find in doctors these days.

I wish all the success for her to help more ppl like us. God bless.

New Delhi