Patient’s Feedback

6 years of Marriage and no child, a very few can understand the feeling. We did everything within our disposal, for getting the help/remedy, but in vain.
So after switching 3 Gynecologists in the past few years, we finally met Dr.Bhawna at Max Noida. After a couple of meetings, we gained confidence in her and continued with the treatment. Her team was quick to diagnose the need for Hystro-Lapro as the first procedure, which went quite well.
After few weeks of rest, medication and care, We were then advised for IUI.Dr. Bhawna’s advises Guidance and care were very comforting for us as a couple. We never felt that anything was left out, right from the beginning and she always made us feel positive about every step/procedure. We took her advises and instructions right till the OT, where the procedure of IUI was undertaken by her. And after a wait of a few anxious weeks, finally, we got the news, that we have been waiting to hear since last several years. My wife was Pregnant with her first Child.
Dr. Bhawna is surely one of the better doctors around and we were just lucky to find her. Will defiantly recommend her to all our known friends/relative if ever the need arises. A mere thanks wouldn’t suffice.