Patient Testimonial

It was the 4th year of our marriage and 1.5 years had passed since we were trying for the baby when we went to see a gynecologist. After multiple tests of me and my wife, my wife was diagnosed with low AMH and I was diagnosed with low sperm count. Our gynecologist suggested we go for IVF as conceiving naturally seemed impossible for us.
Then one of my colleagues suggested to us about Dr Bhavna Banga.
When we went to see Dr Bhavna, it was a very scary situation for us because of all that was happening. Dr Bhavna after seeing all the reports and doing a scan of my wife told us the truth on the very first day that ours was a very complicated case as my wife was also diabetic. We were impressed by her honesty and truthfulness and decided to go with her for our treatment.
We got started with the treatment. She gave medications to my wife and referred me to another male doctor for my problem. Initially we were very stressed about the outcome of the IVF, but gradually we became positive with all counseling sessions Dr Bhavna used to give us on every visit.
Our treatment went on for 3 months with 2 egg retrievals because of low AMH. But the final outcome of the Embryo transfer was successful and my wife conceived on the very first attempt.
The news of my wife conceiving came as a joy for us and all this was possible because of Dr Bhavna. She was the one who never let us lose our hope and positivity. Dr Bhavna turned out to be a creator on earth for us and we will always owe this to her for the bundle of joy we have in our arms now.
Thank you Dr Bhavna for the happiness you gave us in the form of our son.
Dr. Bhavna is indeed the best IVF specialist in Delhi NCR, if not India.
Highly Recommended..