Patient Testimonial

Every miracle first started with a problem but miracles do happen when you ‘believe’.

Busy in the corporate world and concentrating on career and work travels, I never realized that age passes and then there comes a time that you want to settle and have a family but it just doesn’t work out. I & my husband started to plan for a baby in 2016 and years passed by but I could not conceive. Medically all tests were fine and there was no concern area for either of us.

I was recommended to visit the MAX Hospital by a friend who had undergone IVF surgery successfully at MAX. It was very difficult for me to first convince myself and then my family that this is something we should consider. After all discussions at home, we visited the Head of the Department of Gynaecology at MAX, Dr. Deepa Dewan and she recommended us to the IVF Specialist doctor, Dr. Bhawna Banga.

Our conversations with Dr. Bhawna were very detailed and she explained all steps of the procedure in great detail. I must add that she was also very approachable as many times I had hesitation taking injections while I was traveling for work, but she explained the procedure very well and equipped me enough to use the injections myself while I was on work-related travels. She was very positive which encouraged me throughout this phase.

I was able to have successful extractions in 2019 and my first frozen transfer happened 2 months after the extraction. It was unsuccessful. It goes without saying that me and my family were very disappointed however one has to keep going and keep the belief strong.

We had more rounds of discussions with Dr Bhawna and ensured we are prepared again for the second transfer and it worked. I conceived through the second frozen cycle transfer (which was 7 months of extraction) and conceived twins.

I was then moved under the care of Dr Deepa Dewan for the further part of the pregnancy. With covid settling in, I faced certain issues and was not sure I will be able to carry the twins full term, but Dr Deepa kept her conversations going with me and pushed me to go almost full term.

I have twin babies now – both healthy with god’s grace.

I am thankful and feel indebted and encourage women to go with an open mind for IVF treatment. “Believe and it will happen for you”. Keep the communication ongoing with the doctor and just keep moving with each step.

Thank you.