Patient Testimonial

We struggled to conceive for a little over 6 years before deciding to go for the fertility specialist route. I was 34 at the time and while that isn’t old for “trying” my OB sat down with me and just had a candid conversation about starting to consider the next steps. I instantly shut down and insisted on continuing to try naturally each month like we were, even though it was such an emotional roller coaster and something I struggled with silently. I thought about this for a while and it was just what I needed to put things into perspective for myself. Ironically, during this, I also started spotting way before my period should have arrived (which was my constant struggle month after month) and broke down and called my mom and Husband in tears as it was one more month of lost hope. After that, I talked again to my husband and finally dug out the fertility doctor recommendations that my OB gave me months before.

After some initial research on fertility practices in the area, we landed on Dr.Bhavna Banga, I could not recommend this practice enough. I never felt like a patient, if that even makes sense, but more like family. Once we had our first consultation everything just clicked and it was the first time since we started trying that I cried happy tears and truly was overcome with a sense of relief. I left feeling positive and hopeful for what was to come. We had some additional blood work and tests done (both My husband and myself) and still no real answers came back as to why we were struggling. We were experiencing what is referred to as “unknown infertility” — on paper everything looked fine for both of us, but for whatever unexplained or undiagnosed reason we were having trouble conceiving. Given this history, Dr.Bhavna decided she wanted to start more conservatively and move forward with a natural IUI. This means that I would not take Clomid or any other medication that would increase my egg production. As for the IUI, she gave me the same “do not Google” instructions and to call her with any questions. Let me tell you she was right! I of course didn’t listen (was way too curious about everything and finding others so I didn’t feel so alone) and after one search promised myself I would never Google anything about an IUI again; you can truly go down a dark rabbit hole of forums, mind games and people only talking about the worst of the worst experiences. Instead, I went back and read other blog posts from gals I knew who went through similar experiences and shed more personal/positive light on the situation, which is what I hope to do today!
Leading up to the IUI there are a lot of doctor visits to measure your follicles, give blood work, and then finally the trigger shot to boost ovulation. I believe one week I was going in at least every other day because they want to time everything just right. So it can be a lot, but at least the office I went to was very punctual and accommodating when it came to scheduling.
February 17th, 2020, will hands down be a day that My hubby and I will never forget.
The procedure itself was FAST and not painful for even one second. I am talking less than a minute if I remember correctly (once again, can vary for everyone) and then I had to lie down flat for 15 minutes. This is where the procedure ends. We read that it’s best to relax after the IUI if possible, so I spent the rest of the day at home on the couch and honestly took the next two or three days to veg out and let my body relax.
The dreaded two-week wait…
For those not familiar, the two-week wait is the period of time between a pregnancy attempt and when the pregnancy can be detected.
this two-week period feels like it never ends, but this month it truly felt like an eternity! I really did feel pregnant, but didn’t want to get my hopes up and be disappointed as its rare that IUI will be successful in the very first attempt…. but for us, it was …. all thanks to the almighty and then Dr.Bhavna Banga, who just touched me to get this blessing in our life.
You all know how this story ends, but getting the call a few hours after the blood test telling me I was pregnant was the best phone call of my entire life! I will never forget where I was sitting, what I was wearing and the pure shock/happiness I felt all at once. Hands down, it was truly the best day of my/our entire life.
I realize how fortunate we are that our first IUI was a success. I know this is often not the case (it tends to have more positive results after successive rounds), so I do feel like the lucky ones. But to all of you out there trying month after month to get pregnant, please know that you are not alone and do not give up hope especially when a doctor like Bhavna Banga is with you. Remember that the longer you wait for something, the more you’ll appreciate it when you get it. Looking back on everything now, the journey we went through honestly now feels like 1 second long.