Patient’s Feedback

Hello DrBhavna,
We would like to to take this opportunity to share our experience so far and express our gratitude for all your help and assistance which made it possible for us to see this day,when we first met Dr.  Bhavna we were very low in confidence because of our past experience, I was suffering from endometriosis and trying for pregnancy since last 4 years, during my treatment I already had 2 laparoscopic surgeries for cyst removal, 4 IUI and 1 IVF all resulting in no success, all this made us emotionally drained and left us with almost no hope.

We happened to meet DrBhavna just by chance because we originally planned to meet some other Doctor but for some reason she was not available and today we thank god we made decision chose to consult DrBhavna instead, During fist meeting itself we thought that we have made right decision of consulting her and that was because of several reasons first and foremost she is a patient listener and hears out problems completely rather been judgmental, which we saw in our past our experience, secondly her methodical approach whatever treatment she gives has definite reasons behind it and she make sure that she explains it to her patients as well which certainly helps, then she makes every effort to support her patient emotionally which I think is most important in sensitive treatments like this where usually couples suffer so much that they start loosing hope and stops thinking anything positively and last but not least her responsiveness she is always there for her patient no matter what’s the time or reason and promptly responds to all the queries.

After going through case history, contrary to our belief she suggested IUI, based on our past experience and normal perception that private hospitals are greedy and always prescribes expensive procedures, we thought she will suggest IVF but she proved all tat wrong and suggested IUI, anyway during initial ultrasound we found that there in only one follicle which made us thought that this cycle will again fail like we experienced in past but DrBhavna made us understand that this is no reason to loose hope and we must look at the positive side of things and by gods grace and Dr. Bhavana’s effort and treatment this cycle got successful. DELIVERED HEALTHY CHILD,

Our experience with DrBhavna has been nothing short of dream where every piece in puzzle just fell in to place and I highly recommend her for all fertility related treatment and rest as she say is in gods hand all the best.